What Can An Adjudicated Festival Do For Your Students?

Justifying enrichment opportunities for music students can be a little daunting.   Daunting since the reasons for school festival performances are as numerous and diverse as the young student musicians we hope to serve.

  1. An adjudicated performance offers valuable feedback, just as running a race determines if physical training paid off.  Insightful adjudication goes a long way in uplifting and cultivating student performance potential.
  1. Watching other performances is vital to the music student. The brilliant performances or familiar mistakes of other student ensembles can identify needed steps forward for your own ensemble.
  1. Teamwork is not just for sports. By performing for an objective adjudicator, students learn to appreciate every member of the ensemble.  Working towards a group goal drives students to learn to cooperate, solve problems, and share a sense of achievement.
  1. Music study encourages engagement. An education in the arts can be a major factor for some students to stay in school.  It combines personal and social connections.  And it unites the academic with the artistic.
  1. An adjudicated festival should be a supportive environment. It’s hard to say where else students are going to find a scenario that endorses productive risk-taking and the acceptance of critical assessment.  Think about that.  That whole idea is an awesome life lesson.
  1. Fun! Possibly, the most important lesson that a director can teach – have fun!  The planning is complete, the fundraising’s done, the chaperones are briefed, and the ensembles rehearsed.  All that is left is to relish the experience with your kids.  Your clear delight of the festival experience speaks volumes to your student musicians.  And isn’t the pure pleasure of making music together what music education is all about?