Ten Things You Should Never Say to Your Music Teacher

There’s been a volley of comments on the NAfME Music Educator Central Q&A’s.  If you haven’t already joined this community, you might consider checking it out.  It’s a great resource for music teachers to share ideas and solve problems.  Go to www.nafme.org, and then click on Amplify to join the all-member community.  I’m sure many of you could add some interesting comments you’ve heard from students. Here are some of the responses.

  1. Are we playing today?
  2. I forgot my instrument.
  3. This piece is dumb.
  4. Do I have to practice?
  5. My parents bought me this cool purple (insert instrument here)!
  6. I can’t make it to the concert. I’ve got (insert sport here)
  7. I can’t play this.
  8. That’s not how (previous music teacher) did it.
  9. I couldn’t practice this week because my family went shopping on Saturday.
  10. I want my child to play drums, after all it’s just banging and anyone can do that.

Al-righty then – anyone care to add their own?  Keep your sense of humor and keep moving forward!