Perks of using a Theme Park’s App 

Theme parks can be hard to navigate, whether it is your first visit or your hundredth. These days, most major theme parks have apps available that can make visiting easier than ever! We’ll walk you through the in’s and out’s of theme park apps so that you and your students are most prepared for your next visit.  

  1. View Menus and Mobile Order: Theme park apps will often have a full list of restaurants with their operating hours, menus, and sometimes even the option to mobile order food so you can skip the lines and maximize your time. For guests with dietary restrictions or preferences, checking the app is also a great way to ensure a restaurant has foods that will suit your needs before walking to the location.   
  1. View attraction wait times and entertainment schedules: Check out what attractions have the best wait times in current time so you can plan your way around the park. Most parks will also post their entertainment schedules so that you never miss a show, parade, or performance!  
  1. View park maps: Didn’t I just pass this gift shop? It’s easy to get lost in the crowds of a theme park- having your location enabled can allow your app to show where you are and even map out a path to where you want to go.   
  1. Plan your activities: With a theme park app, you are holding the full list of offerings, dining, entertainment and more in the palm of your hand! Use the app to plan out what your priorities are and when you want to go. Sometimes, apps can even suggest if there is a best time to visit an attraction or when a lower wait time is posted.  
  1. Learn and engage: For parks like SeaWorld or the San Diego Zoo, you can use your app to maximize the learning experience with fun facts about the exhibit and attractions you a viewing. Some apps may even offer engaging content like quizzes, blogs, or interactive games to help pass the time in queues.  
  1. Find help fast: Need first aid, lost and found, or maybe just the nearest bathroom after that 6-loop coaster? Search your app for guest services or other locations to get to where you need to be in lightening time.  

We hope these helpful tips and tricks will help you to maximize your next visit to one of the amazing entertainment offerings throughout California. Register today and download your theme park’s app to start planning!