Student Travel Planning on a Budget 

What is more exciting for your music program than planning a trip together? 

A trip is a surefire way to recruit new students and keep experienced students.  Combining music education and fun is just not that difficult.  But most school music programs are mindful of budgetary concerns for students and their families. Let’s check out a couple of tips to get you started. 

  1. Find an experienced travel planner to help you from the get-go.  Of course, we’re going to say this, but it’s true that an experienced travel professional knows the best options to keep your budget in line, but also plan for the safest and most secure hotels, attractions, and areas for your group.  At Forum we have long-standing relationships with hotels and attractions that keep pricing low. 
  1. Plan early and often.  As the great Yogi Berra said, “It gets late early out there.”  Getting an early start on travel planning allows… 
  • more time to fundraise,  
  • better availability at hotels and attractions,  
  • better selection of your preferred dates, and 
  •  best rates for everything! 
  1. Be Flexible!  Maybe your budget just can’t include every little expensive excursion you’d like to include.  Fun doesn’t come in just one size.  Let us know and we’ll provide a flurry of great, value-conscious suggestions. Alternate activities can be surprisingly popular.   
  1. Team up!  Consider inviting another music teacher in your district to join in on your trip. You have not only doubled your base of support with a partner, but you can also share certain costs such as filling a larger bus or maximizing hotel rooms to reduce the per person costs. 
  1. Chowtime on the cheap!  Feeding a pack of hungry teenagers can be a daunting task.  See this short-list of mealtime winners: 
  • Offered at theme parks or touristy areas, meal vouchers are a great on-your-own option for students. 
  • Food courts at malls – most larger shopping centers feature a food court where students can buy what they like with their own money. 
  • College cafeterias.  Most Forum Festivals are held on college campuses.  Check out the options at their cafeteria since they are set up for low-budget, hungry college students. 
  • Box lunches and Pizza.  Plan ahead to deliver box lunches or pizza to a nearby park or open destination.  Our staff can help with setting this up.   

Planning early and planning ahead ensures a great shot at a successful trip because you’ll have a good picture of your costs.  We’re here to help.  Contact us at to get started or Request a Quote (website link) at no obligation.   

Not all classrooms have four walls.  Give it a go and start planning a great trip filled with musical memories!