So, What’s Happening with Forum Festivals?

2021 is finally here and it is only natural that questions arise about what is going on with Forum Music Festivals.

We are here and we will be ready to go when you are.  However, let’s be realistic about the possibility that 2021 might not look like the Forum Festivals of previous years. Right now, California is in a dark place with ever-rising COVID 19 infections and deaths.  As of this date, we are less than 60 days from what would normally be the first festival of our 26th festival season.  Truthfully, that’s probably not going to happen.  But we are holding out hope that we will be able to welcome groups late May or June.  We simply must wait and see.

Meanwhile, a couple of things for you to know for the future…

  • Safety is our main concern for teachers, students as well as our staff.  We are taking steps to create a safe and healthy situation for groups to perform, once we’re all back together.
  • Money is going to be tight, so we will encourage groups to enjoy Forum Festivals on a local level with budget-friendly, yet fun alternatives for students.
  • Festivals may look a little different. We’ll follow CDC and State guidelines to keep gathering to a minimum, so we’ll pay attention when scheduling awards ceremonies.
  • Forum Music Festivals has always offered a “comments only” choice as well as a rated festival.  We understand that your ensembles may not had much classroom or rehearsal time this past year, so this may be a good option for your students.  Recruitment and retention, though, is also important. The opportunity to perform for adjudication and enjoy some camaraderie is a huge part of that.

Teachers and students want to travel when districts give them the green light.  We are hearing that from you, and we will be here when that day happens.  Our 2022 festival dates will be posted on our website very soon.  Please keep in touch ( and know that we are wishing the very best to you and your students as we all begin the journey of moving forward.