Preparing for the Holiday Concerts: Don’t Forget to Cover Stage Etiquette

It’s that special time of year – excitement is definitely in the air!  You’re preparing your students for their holiday concert which is bound to bring a lot of angst to you and to them.  “I’ve only had them at school for a few short months.  What will we get when they file out on stage and face their school community, parents, and administrators?”

Volumes have been written about proper audience etiquette, but it doesn’t hurt to remind your students that as performers, they need to show a certain level of consideration for the folks who came to see them.  Here’s a short list – your students can probably add a few more of their own ideas:

  1. Be respectful.  Your friends and family came there to support you.
  2. You are part of an ensemble – don’t sing or play in a way that makes you stand out. You may think it is funny, but it spoils the desired effect and disrespects the hard work of your peers.
  3. Listen to and focus on your director.
  4. Don’t carry your electronic device or phone onstage.
  5. Don’t wave to the audience and don’t talk to anyone onstage.
  6. NO gum!!
  7. Use your best posture.
  8. Grooming matters – iron your shirt, choose appropriate socks, and comb your hair.
  9. If you make a mistake, don’t show it in your body language or your face.
  10. Don’t wear a goofy elf hat unless your director gives permission.

Good luck and enjoy the season!