Music During Covid-19

During times of duress and difficulty, people all across the world have always turned to music for calm and support.   Current times are no different. Music’s transformational power to convey emotion and reach out to others is felt everywhere. Though students are learning in a new way and teachers are learning new ways to teach, the feelings and impact of music-making remains the same. 

Musicians at all levels are communicating to the global community to touch those who are hungry to hear. Hospital staff singing to uplift patients or Italian citizens singing from their balconies to encourage their neighbors – we’ve all seen them.    Professional musicians such as Itzhak Perlman (one of my favorites- always with a story), Steve Martin (Banjo Balm), and YoYo Ma’s serenade for healthcare workers (google on  are just a few of the many musicians who have mobilized in response to the pandemic.  The Pacific Symphony provides a Quarantine Clip on their website with new postings each day. The San Francisco Symphony offers Concert Highlights on their website (   Choirs are using Zoom to join in digital concerts.

Although we are not together this season, resources are available on our website or Facebook page for you to provide to students. The countless online opportunities to see and appreciate musicians who wish to offer their gifts connects us and gives us hope.

Thank you for your many kind emails and good wishes for our staff and the business. Please know that we are here to answer any questions you may have. We are already accepting registrations for spring 2021. Our very best wishes to you, your students, and your community as we move forward to a day when we can enjoy music together again.