Last Minute Planning Can Still Work!

Not all of us are uber planners.  Some of us need to catch our breath before launching into another big program.  Those folks start planning trips after the holiday concerts are done, January classes are set, and reality sets in that a music trip hasn’t been booked quite yet.  Never fear!  There’s still time!

Give us a call – our experience and ideas will help you arrange an outstanding trip that includes all the essentials – learning, fun, and performance!  After all, we’ve been developing terrific resources for 25 years.  A great festival trip to your choice destination is just a phone call away.

Our team at Forum will answer your questions and guide you towards a festival trip that meets both your budget and interests.  How about five tips to get you started?

  1.  Be flexible.  If you didn’t start planning earlier, give us a range of dates that will work in your schedule.  Popular festivals fill up quickly.  If you are planning an overnight trip, hotels and attractions also fill up quickly.  Have an open mind and let’s get started!
  2. Explore alternate activities.  So, your group didn’t make the cut-off for a popular theme park workshop?  Let us help you find an alternate educational experience that fits the bill.  Maybe be a clinic or performance that you hadn’t considered before or an afternoon at the Philharmonic or theatre would appeal to your students.
  3. Don’t delay decision making.  When time is not on your side, be prepared to make quick decisions so you don’t lose out. Making speedy decisions may not be in your comfort zone but collecting everyone’s opinions at this date may impede the possibility of doing the activity that you really wanted to include.
  4. Fundraisers and finances are the facts of life.  If you haven’t collected funds for the trip, it doesn’t mean the trip is off.  At Forum, we have suggestions that allow you to enjoy a trip on a budget.  Early fundraising is beneficial, but options are available that make it possible for your students to travel.
  5. Don’t shortchange your itinerary if it jeopardizes safety and security.  We never recommend loading a charter bus in the evening to drive through the night.   Night driving challenges include driver physical and mental fatigue.  Most accidents happen during the hours of 2:00-4:00 AM.    Instead, consider staying the night and driving home the next morning.  Safety is the most important element of the trip. 

You might be getting a late start, but you can still your students with a fantastic and rewarding trip this year.  We’re only a phone call away and invite you to pick up the phone. 


PS – Looking for a destination outside of California or our festival season?  We can help with that, too.  Let’s chat about student tour ideas that will spark your students’ enthusiasm.  Email or call – / 1-888-763-6786.