Introducing Your Trip Assistant

When you take a group on an overnight excursion, you are responsible for keeping track of EVERYTHING!  A tour escort can solve that task by making sure that you are where you need to be on time and with whatever you need.  At Forum, we can arrange for a Tour Escort for you – meet you when you arrive by bus or plane, check your group into the hotel, tell you when you need to be back at the bus, and the list goes on and on.  But that kind of service, as helpful as it is, does increase the cost of your trip.  And what traveling student group wants to spend additional money?

At Forum, our itineraries are so comprehensive that you really don’t need a tour escort.  And 24-hour travel assistance is always available to you.  Now, we’ve introduced yet another new feature for overnight and touring groups: Your Trip Assistant.

Your Trip Assistant is a convenient, customized alert system for directors of overnight groups.

Once you “opt in,” we will text itinerary reminders to you throughout your trip, as needed.  Text messages apply only to your trip; we do not use them for sales or marketing purposes. It’s like a digital tour escort on your phone!  You won’t miss your performance time or the downbeat of your symphony performance.  A text reminder will arrive on your phone when it’s time to board the bus for your next destination, meal, or performance.

One more thing – Your Trip Assistant is a complimentary “opt in” value added feature of your overnight travel package at no additional cost to you or your group!

Whatever tools we can provide to make your travel easier and worry free, we’re happy to do.  We’re dedicated to helping you do what you do best:  make great music and wonderful memories for your students!  For more information, request a quote today.