How to Feed A Student Group

When taking a student group on any trip, you are faced with the prospect of feeding a lot of hungry teenagers.  Feeding the endlessly ravenous can be a pretty daunting task.  How about a short list of ideas to feed the crowd?

  •  Meal vouchers – Offered at most theme parks, students can individually redeem vouchers for specific menu items or for dollar amounts as listed on the card.
  • Pizza for all!  – Most pizza restaurants will deliver pizza, salad, soda, and paper goods to a location you determine.  Check with the hotel to see if outside food is allowed on the premises.  Or arrange delivery at a park or picnic area.  Pizza is economical, popular, and always well-received by the student crowd.  Always remember – encouraging students (and adults) to clean up after themselves will ensure another invitation!
  • Buffets and Cafeterias.  Choices, choices, choices – always a great option for picky eaters.  Buffet restaurants usually offer student-friendly menus, quick service, and space for groups.  Buffet restaurants such as Golden Corral, Souplantation, Clifton’s Cafeteria, Hometown Buffet, and a myriad of local restaurants that serve buffet-style have low prices, lots of choices, and a student-friendly atmosphere.
  • College campuses.  If you are performing at a college campus, check out the options in the college cafeteria.  They are designed to feed a young, hungry population on a low-income budget.  Boxed lunches or cafeteria-style eating is often conveniently available.
  • Food Courts.  Many large shopping centers feature a central food court which can handle groups.  Most likely, students will need to bring their own money, but they can choose what they want, including familiar fast food restaurants that cater to the teenage crowd.
  • Destination meal vouchers.  Some sightseeing destinations have great meal plans.  For example, at Pier 39’s program in San Francisco, vouchers at three different price points will buy a variety of items at many restaurants.  At Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, an all-day dining plan provides a wristband allowing students to select an entrée and side as often as every 90-minutes throughout the day at a budget-friendly price. 
  • Finale Dinner or Welcome Dinner.  Here’s a chance to build in a nice restaurant meal for your group on either your first evening or the final evening of the trip.  We have many suggestions for these restaurant meals that include meal, beverage, dessert, gratuity and tax – all inclusive.  Cement the good vibes by kicking off the trip with a Welcome Dinner.  Or relieve some lasting memories and educational high points with a Finale Dinner on your last evening! 

We’d love to hear your ideas.  As you have traveled with your student groups, what best works for your students?  Feel free to exchange ideas for great meal options by emailing us at  Bon Appetit!