Five ways to kick-start your mojo!

Whew! Holidays are wonderful, but let’s face it – now the hard work begins: new students coming in, hanging on to seniors (at least mentally), competing with testing, AND preparing for concert and festival season. Here are five tips to help kick-start your own mojo:

  1. Tidy your space. Okay, don’t bail on me now. I admit, I’m an addict to organizational blogs and minimalist entreaties. (Implementing is a lot harder than reading about them). However, de-cluttering your headquarters, even a little bit, helps cast away the heavy “baggage” and moves you full steam ahead.
  2. Step out of the comfort zone. Maybe try out new material, plan new sight-reading exercises, or take a few minutes of fun team-building with your ensemble. Just mix it up a bit is all I’m saying here.
  3. Seek inspiration. Maybe a colleague in your district inspires you. Or maybe listen to your favorite symphonic work that always allows your spirit to soar. Or here’s a good excuse for some binge-watching TV – Amadeus, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Mozart in the JungleMusic of the Heart, Anchors Aweigh – (check out the Hollywood Bowl scene) – whatever inspired you to join this noble profession. So, here’s your permission to find the spot on the sofa and let your muse take over.
  4. Choose an easy start. Select an easy and quick piece for your students to learn. Let them feel victorious right out of the chute in January. Lots of time to add challenging work, and you know it’s coming, but start off the new semester with a big, fat, happy success story.
  5. Add a little self-care to the mix. You’re busy – we get it. But don’t forget to take care of yourself – mentally, emotionally, and physically. It will pay off for you AND for your students. Ideas: cloud-watching, meditation, give yourself a compliment, goof off guilt-free, pet your dog or any dog. You get the idea – easy peasy, but something to give yourself a break.