Finessing the Performance Schedule & How It Works

If you’ve been with us for a while, you probably understand our scheduling process.  However, if you are a “newbie” to Forum, you may need an explanation of how our scheduling works.

Some of our competitors “sell” performance spots.  This works for early registrants if they absolutely must have a location and a time spot for their ensembles.   But the drawbacks to this method are tough to get around. 

  1. If you are unable to register early, you must take what you can get. 
  2. If you want an audience to see your performance and to allow your students the chance to see other ensembles, the schedule may not be set up for optimal audience participation. 
  3. If you have to pick & choose times, your jazz band may perform at 8 AM and your concert band can’t perform until noon, just based on the spots that have already been filled. 

At Forum, we have a different method that’s seems to be working, now 25 years in.  We solicit director input regarding the group’s ETA, departure times, possible bus parameters that influence arrival time, plus a wish list for an ideal performance schedule.  We organize the schedule to group similar ensembles together, to allow for enough warm-up time between ensembles who share the same director or have cross-over students.  And we try our best to get your ensembles grouped on the schedule comfortably without a huge amount of wait time.   

Help US Help YOU with 11 Important Scheduling Tips:

  1.  If your bus company has timing constraints, notify us when you schedule your bus.
  2. If students perform in multiple ensembles, mention this before the schedule is released.
  3. If you WANT to perform back-to-back, (maybe with an associate to handle warm-ups), let us know.  No guarantees, but we’ll do our best.
  4. If you must provide off-duty time to your bus driver, share that essential information so we can schedule your exit time accordingly.
  5. If you can perform super early, that helps us help you.  Not everyone can perform at 10 AM – what a cacophony that would be!
  6. Do you want your ensemble to have an audience?  Let us know! No guarantees again but scheduling close to an awards ceremony will more likely ensure an audience.
  7. Your students deserve a great awards ceremony.  If your schedule doesn’t permit attending the awards ceremony, let us know before the schedule is released.  We may adjust the schedule so students will benefit by the entire experience.
  8. If you have arranged your own activity, tell us about your plans so we can comfortably allow time for you to get there.
  9. Flexibility is key!  Remember, traffic and road closures influence the schedule. Communicating with us can result in a positive outcome to the festival performance, even if traffic congestion woes misplace the best laid plans.
  10. Dropping groups after the schedule release is a faux pas of festival decorum.  When you register your ensembles, a spot in the line-up is being held just for you.  If you cancel an ensemble late in the game, you have likely eliminated the possibility of another school being able to perform.
  11. Time your performance.  Playing past the scheduled time causes the festival to run late, affects the timing of other schools, and irritates the judges who are trying to stick to the timeline.

Are you spotting a common thread here?  Notify usmention this – let us know – share information – and clue us in.  We enjoy chatting with our clients, so give us a call or shoot us an email.   If you have info that will affect your arrival, we’d love to know.  And, we want you and your ensembles to feel good about your performance so if scheduling is going to affect that, let’s talk.