Festival Etiquette for Students 101, Part I 

We get it.  Students are just now getting back into performance venues after a covid hiatus.  What could be a better time than to review basic etiquette for young musicians who are performing AND listening to the festival performers.  Explain to your students that everyone has worked very hard to get to this event.  By practicing good festival etiquette, your students will reap the benefits during their performance AND help the other performers by being considerate audience members. 

A good festival participant… 

  1.  Visits the restroom before being seated. 
  1. Silences electronic devices before the performance.   This means, don’t answer your cell phone during a performance. 
  1. Never texts during a performance – the screen on your device lights up and creates a distraction.  
  1. Does not talk during the performances. 
  1. Is kind to all performers, whether inside the theatre or outside.  You are not rivals competing for a million-dollar prize.  You are supporters of every student’s musical journey, regardless of their ages or abilities. 
  1. Absolutely does not eat or drink inside the theatre. 
  1. Keeps feet off on the back of seats. 
  1. Learns when to applaud (and when not to applaud.) 
  1. Understands that a festival is not a sporting event.  Screaming, whistling, and shouting is unacceptable. 
  1. Never enters or exits the theatre while an ensemble is performing. 
  1. Remains seated during a group’s entire performance. 
  1.  Does not sing along during a performance (unless your choir is onstage performing). 
  1.  Enjoys the performances!