Bigger Than Ourselves

I admit, I get a little woo-ey this time of the year.

As we wrap up and put the cherry on top of on our 2017 festival season, I am reminded of the many fine folks that you, our customer, encounter at festival. Just looking at the sheer numbers of students who share their music at festival reminds me of the potential impact that our staff has. Fact is, lots of people work at festivals or in our office who simply want to make a positive impact on you, your students, and music education.

In 1961, President John Kennedy was touring NASA when he came upon a janitor mopping the floor. The President asked the janitor what he did at NASA. The janitor replied, “Well, Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon!”

So, that’s kind of how we feel – like that NASA janitor. We’re partnering with you to make an impact in your students’ musical education and, hopefully, in their lives. Without getting too mired in the details, we’re trying to focus on the bigger picture.

Thank you to an incredible team of adjudicators, announcers, festival managers, runners, front desk staffers, and a very dedicated team in the Forum office. But, I hope you also give yourself permission to recognize your importance to something that is bigger than all of us. You, the music teacher, are making a difference – right now – to an ideal, to a student, to a leader, and to a follower. Here’s a big salute to you for sharing your talents as you contribute to the big picture.