Best Lines from 27 Years of Festivals

For 27 years, Forum Music Festivals has hosted thousands of student music ensembles and directors.  Over the years, students, judges, and directors have shared some insightful comments at festivals.  We’ve chuckled from some and learned from them all!  As we launch our 27th year, we extend our appreciation and gratitude to the music students and directors that have joined us over the years. Here’s the best lines we’ve heard from 27 years of producing festivals.

Best Lines from Students:

  •  “Is this like a college theatre or something?  I could see myself here. “
  • “This festival is actually festive!
  • “I can’t wait to take our award back to school!”
  • “Do you happen to have an extra reed laying around?”  (Also, a spare guitar string.)
  • “I loved the excitement of the awards ceremony. I jumped out of my seat when our school was called.”
  • “We get to miss school, play music, and go to Disneyland? Best! Day! Ever!”

Best Lines from Adjudicators:

  • Choose music that plays to your students’ strengths.”  (Judges’ most frequent advice)
  • “Step away from the mouthpiece.”  (Judge advising saxophone players)
  • “Beautify the tone.”
  • “Look like the music! Where the body goes, the mind goes, and where the mind goes, the voice follows.”
  • “Posture is everything! “
  • “Conduct the band that is in front of you – not the one in your fantasy.”
  • Choral music can change the world!”

Best Lines from Directors:

  • “Thank you for providing such a light in a child’s life that is riddled with obstacles.”
  • “I’ll pray harder to the bus gods next year and maybe we’ll make it on time. See you then!”
  • “The entire clarinet section forgot their mouthpieces.  Can you help?”  (We did.)
  • “I really appreciate the extra mile Forum goes to support public schools’ music programs.”
  • “Thanks to everyone at Forum for making a special day for our kids and a terrific music celebration.”
  • “The venue is outstanding. If art has value, why do our kids have to perform in a lunchroom – EVER?”
  • “Your letter arrived at the perfect time, just as parents and students had formed a group to fight for our music program!!! We are now able to keep both our instrumental and choral program going!”

Taking registrations for the 2022 spring season! We’re performing and learning. You and your student musicians are invited to join us.