20 Facts about Forum Festivals

  1. We were founded by 3 music educators.
  2. Our original name was Forum Funtastic Festivals!
  3. We started out only offering Anaheim festivals.
  4. The scholarship program has been part of our operation since Year 1.
  5. Most of our performing halls are on college campuses or community theatres.
  6. We opened a San Francisco Bay Area festival in 2000.
  7. Charter bus transportation is always a value-added option.
  8. Tour and Travel opportunities are our specialty!
  9. Adjudicators are hired for their expertise, constructive feedback, and positive attitude.
  10. Forum Festivals was named for a theatre in Yorba Linda, California.
  11. Besides traditional bands, orchestras and choirs, we’ve also welcomed mariachi, traditional jazz (Dixie), hand bell ensembles, rock bands (okay, maybe only 1), dance teams, show choirs, marching bands, and more!
  12. You only pay for those who play!
  13. We offer packages with theme parks.
  14. We offer packages without theme parks.
  15. We believe in spoken and written adjudication.
  16. Music education and encouragement are foundational in our mission.
  17. Our awards ceremony is held at the performance venue.
  18. Judges’ Invitational is an annual competition for gold-rated ensembles.
  19. A flexible payment policy makes it easy to coordinate with your fundraising.
  20. Our new venture, Forum Educational Travel, offers student travel to out-of-California destinations.