10 Celebrities Who Play Musical Instruments

Learning to play a musical instrument takes hard work, dedication, and lots of practice. It can be hard to keep students engaged in the early stages of learning to read music and stay committed. However, there is a long list of great musicians and even celebrities who have made that commitment to practice before them! Check out this list (original post from TheThing) of these talented celebrities who made that commitment in their school years! Maybe it can even inspire your students to keep the music playing!

  1. Steve Martin can play the banjo
  2. Clint Eastwood can play the piano
  3. Ryan Gosling can play the piano
  4. Bradley Cooper can play the guitar
  5. Robert Downey Jr. can play the violin
  6. Meryl Streep can play the violin
  7. Bruce Willis can play the harmonica
  8. Keanu Reeves can play the bass guitar
  9. Halle Berry can play the flute
  10. Julia Roberts can play the clarinet

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